Blood Reign

Hateful Tales I

Intentions are irrelevant. There are always consequences.

The giant lizard-like creatures known as Hexxets have lived in arid deserts of Lamdak for centuries and their miraculous stone city of Bal’kar is now occupied solely by humans—and suffers for it.

Facing starvation within the isolated kingdom, plans are made to bring them back into the city, but resistance from citizens is justifiably strong given past experiences from many who were once enslaved in the Hexxet camp.

Their return would spark damning consequences. Yet for a small few, the risk is worth the potential benefits.

Vicious warriors, colourful characters and powerful organisations combine in this debut fantasy novel.


Hi-Lo Fi

2016 / 02 / 12

Google’s Fi project is an innovative and new way in the world of telecommunications, so they needed an office building that reflects those exact values. I was tasked with coming up with the blueprints and the renders for this project, then taking them through to fruition using only the best quality materials. It turned out beautifully.

From the glass elevator shaft that breaks up the facade, to the generously planned out spaces inside that will accommodate an ever-changing team of people, I absolutely loved working on this project. When your client gives you free reigns, best work happens.

Image 1
Image 1